Saturday, March 17, 2018

It's a Party!

Leigh Anne Eck from A Day in the Life blog is throwing a party. She's invited slicers here. This is a great way to connect with our community of slicers so today I'm RSVPing yes. 

This is what I am bringing to the party:

Favorite book:  Too many to pick just one...Anne of Green Gables is my all-time favorite, Intention is my current favorite professional book, and Word Collector is my current favorite picture book. 

Favorite person:  I'd bring my friend Chrissy. She's an amazing teacher and a beacon of light. We get to work in the same school this year and it's amazing. She's always fun at a party and I know you'd all love her!

Favorite food or beverage:  Since it's March, almost April, I'm obsessed with Cadbury Mini-Eggs. Mmmmm! I'll bring my favorite pasta dish too...spaghetti with anchovies. It's comfort food for me. 

Favorite song:  Last week, I asked my students to share songs that made them happy. I'm going to share a song that was shared with me: Believer by Imagine Dragons. It's catchy, positive, and fun! I think it's a good party song. 

Surprise: I'd bring each of you some happy, colorful school supplies...pens, pencils, binder clips. School supplies make me happy. 

Doesn't this sound like a fun party?!?! Please join us! Celebrate!!!

Let's get this party started!

March is the Slice of Life Challenge.
I'll be sharing a post each day in the month of March.
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  1. I need to get the Word Collector. Thanks for the invite. Will check it out.

  2. I'm sitting by you at the party. I want to try out all of those new pins!!!

  3. Great party! I'll join soon. You bring lots of bright colours to the party.

  4. I was going to bring pens as my favorite thing; however, I KNEW you would them! Thanks for coming to my party!

  5. Oh, this is a great idea! I'm glad you posted Leigh Anne's link, since I hadn't seen her original post. I'll be joining the party one of these days! :-) ~JudyK

    1. Please do join us, Judy! Many slicers join toward the end of the month when ideas are getting hard to find, and we are tired! I look forward to seeing you.

  6. I love your surprise! As my husband knows I am all about the colorful markers!

  7. What a fun slice! I read another slicer today who used the same format. I loved them both. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I love this type of slice! This sounds like a great party and I love your choices-especially the school supplies! Staples is one of my happy places:)

  9. My kind of party! I think I will show up later this month;)

  10. I'd love to come to your party, especially if it includes colored pens and a writing prompt. I forgot about Leigh Anne's party. I need to RSVP soon.

  11. I love your book and surprise! Not sure I could eat the spaghetti or mini-eggs as I am pretty picky. Your sister sounds fabulous! I had never heard that song, so I looked it up. AMAZING! I am going to play it tomorrow in my classroom. Thanks!


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