Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Lack of Snow Haiku

Glum. Where is the snow? 
Predictions...never correct.
And now? Discontent...

I was counting on it. The snow. I was so sure that it would be here this sure that I didn't prepare my slice the day before. (Rookie mistake.) I was so sure that nothing could jinx it.

Don't get me wrong...I love my job. I love my students...still I want the snow. We've been denied snow all year long!I think it's coming later today...I hope. Oh snow, where are you?!?!

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  1. I'd be happy to share some of mine, Michelle! Still, I understand how you feel. Nothing compares to the magic of a gentle snowfall or the glittering whiteness of a pristine coating of snow. Hope you get your wish!

  2. Retweet to Catherine! We have been SO overserved in the snow department this year, and there's supposed to be more tomorrow. Sigh. Your poem has great emotion packed into just a few lines!

  3. DITTO! Come visit Boston. We are supposed to get 10-12 more tomorrow!! I do hate when a storm prediction is wrong. Sorry.

  4. It's discomforting when the forecast gets it wrong, especially if you have planned your day around it! We barely had a winter here in TX, so I can empathize with your desires for a least one snow day.

  5. Since we do have school and I'm introducing a Poetry Project, know that I"m tagging your haiku to share with my kiddos! Thanks for sharing.

  6. It is here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Michelle, and you can have part or all of it! I remember when a snow day seemed like a great idea - a day to read, to catch up on writing, to clean, or just hang out in pajamas. But here we have had enough and are so looking forward to spring. Tomorrow, we will get between 6-12 inches of heavy, wet snow with high winds and power outages. Yuck!

  7. We have barely had any snow which means NO snow days! To really make it sting, our district builds in six days and we use them no matter what. So whether we have six snow days or have no snow days, we always end at the same time. The weather was not the teachers' friend this year!

  8. I"m so sorry you didn't get your snow...I can read those emotions in your piece. There is a lot of hype here for snow tomorrow - we'll see how that looks.

  9. A winter without snow... I hear your disappointment ! We had just the right amount... enough to get a couple snow days and to build snowmen, snow angels, have some snow fights, and do a bit of sledding. If we want more... we can go to the mountain.


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