Thursday, March 15, 2018


I'm what you'd call a talker. One could say that I have a big mouth. That sounds bad, but really, it's true. I talk. I talk a lot. I'm sure my teachers all said that to my parents. I talk. I talk. I talk. (I'm loud too, but that's for another post.) Being reflective means that I think about my qualities and what I like and what I don't. I wonder how (or even if) I could change. 

On the positive side, I talk to think. I talk to connect. I talk to encourage. My voice is strong and powerful. I've learned how to use it as a power for good...sometimes faltering. 

I wish I listened more than I talked. Yesterday, I noticed at lunch I interrupted people more than three times. It was like I couldn't help myself. My internal dialogue was, "Shhh! Michelle, STOP." And there I'd go again. 

There are reasons. I was passionate about the subject and I wanted to contribute. I wanted to share what I knew to be true.  When will I learn that if I listen more, I will learn more? Now, to be fair to myself, I am listening more than I ever have. It's a goal I have...I want to continue to hone my listening skills. I cringe whenever I start blathering on and on. I know I do it. It's like I can't stop and I wish I had a way to stop myself.

The word I picked for this year is MOXIE, but honestly, I think maybe I'm going to change it to LISTEN. Do you have a story to tell? Come on over, I'm ready to listen...

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  1. So reflective -- be aware that sometimes people set up talkers to talk. It is easier for them to listen. So, it may not be all you. We, especially women, tend to fill space when it is quiet. We associate quiet with discomfort so we rescue by talking more.I wonder if rather than thinking about not talking, think about wait time. I think a lot comes from silence. Time to feel, think, choose words, connect. See who talks first - it may still be you, but you still took a minute to listen to yourself. I learned this in a coaching course a few years back. I have found it interesting to think about and try. Stick with moxie -- there is always next year for listen!

    1. Clare, the idea of being comfortable with silence is an important one. I notice this with kids sometimes when we are having a hard conversation. I try to not jump in, to be OK with LONG silences. Sometimes they are searching inside themselves for the words. Or sometimes they have found that if they stay quiet someone else (often the adult) will fill the silence. It is amazing what comes out when they have the chance.

      Michelle, I have learned that I process things quickly. Having to stop myself from sharing when I have first processed is part of my current journey. I hear ya in the 'I'm passionate about it. I want to share what I know to be true' part. And I would love to come over and chat!

  2. Oh! I hear you... :) I've been known as a talker.. in fact, when I was young my family teased me about being "Charlie Chipmunk" ... do you know that character? I share about him in a post: It is a delicate balance for some of us, this talking and listening.

  3. And I love to listen, so we'd probably get along great! It's true, though, that when I get passionate about something, I will go on. And on.


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