Sunday, March 4, 2018

Must See TV

The way we watch television has changed. It's changed so much that it's often hard to keep up with it. With the cost of cable skyrocketing, I decided to look into other options. I took a long time deciding what changes to make. To me, I had to have access local and cable news channels and of course a few of my favorite stations.

I canceled cable. Getting out from under that bill felt great! Now the task was to find the best replacement. I tried SlingTV first then I tried HuluTV. Both were fine,  but I found them too expensive for what I was getting. Right now I get my TV from Youtube. That's right. Youtube has an app that carries TV stations and gives you access to DVR. It's not that expensive either. 

What's interesting to me about all of this is we don't watch TV anymore as a nation...there is no "Must See TV". Twenty years ago, I remember watching Thursday night TV and then going to work the next day and discussing it. Friends, Will & Grace, ER. We couldn't wait to talk about what happened or what would happen next! That's all gone. It's all different now. Now, we talk about the best series to binge...Grace & Frankie or The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, but we still can't talk about it until everyone has finished it. 

I'm not writing to lament the loss of the good old days, but I am writing to document how quickly things change. There's no judgment on the change, just a comment that it's happening so quickly. Do we stop and notice? Do we adjust our behaviors accordingly? I never thought TV viewing would look like this. It's interesting. Now, I'm off to try a new series on Hulu, The Looming Tower

What do you think of our new television viewing habits?

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  1. Now people seem to binge watch an entire series-this certainly changes the concept of a serial storyline. I used to hate waiting to see what would happen the next week and apparently people don't need to anymore! LOL. I find I don't watch much tv anymore-I watch news or I sometimes watch specials. Fascinating question to put out there, Michelle.

  2. I don't like the new TV-so many choices.

    It used to be what brought commonality to conversation.

    I mostly watch sports. It seems to be the only thing that's safe for little ears. I'm not kidding! At 8 on Thursday, I switched to 3 different shows and heard talk about booty calls, the "a" word and the "s" word flipping to find refuge from potty talk. I thought there was a rule about those words not allowed until after 9.

    I seriously gave up watching Tv regularly when I was going through crazies with my parents' health issues.

    I just recently started having time for Tv again but it really seems so trashy these days. I'm not sure I'll ever go completely back to it.

  3. We ditched cable a few years back and now use Playstation Vue for Live TV and sports, Hulu, and Netflix. Television watching has changed and can follow us everywhere.

    Truth be told, I don't watch much TV but when we do it is usually sports (U.S. Woman's National Soccer, Detroit Tigers, and Detroit Lions).

  4. I think you are on to something. TV was a way to connect people over a shared experience. And instead, now individuals binge watch something and enjoy it but never discuss it with another. It makes me think that maybe I should teach a unit on watching and discussing and encourage binge-watching clubs.They'd be like a book club but discussion would be around a shared viewing of "TV" show (seems TV is almost a term no longer needed just like the phrase "Hang up the phone"! Maybe I could in a small way encourage students to view and discuss as a way to build community. I so worry that we lack activities to build community and instead it is everyone alone with a screen. Thanks for getting me to ponder this aspect of our current world today.

  5. I hadn't really thought about this, but you are right. TV has changed. I don't watch it much anymore, but it seems to be on constantly in our house - whether anyone is watching it or not. I could do without, but not so sure about my the rest of my family!

  6. Interesting thoughts you put out there. In whatever media we choose, we as users/consumers/viewers are certainly atomized which is the great selling point of so many of these services - on demand options, to personalize (y)our experience. But if everything is so personalized that we hardly have anything left to share, what have we lost in pursuit of our individual bank of choices? Your post has me wondering where we'll be on this 5, 10, 15 years from now. Will we still even speak of TV?

  7. Just today I was having this conversation with friends. My adult son just recently "taught" me how to binge watch on Hulu. It is an odd feeling to me. I am still used to watching one show a week for a series. The part I do like is when my day finally ends I am able to choose a show on my schedule and begin watching. We certainly did not anticipate this type of viewing when I was a kid. I only had three channels to watch (on a good day). I think it made television viewing a treat, as in watching Disney on Sunday nights. Now it is part of everyday and for some all day.It will be interesting to see what happens next in the area of television viewing.

  8. Yep, yep, yep. Times sure have changed. Now networks have shows that they never show on their live channels and are only available to stream. What's next? TVs in cars?? Oh, wait...we already have that.

  9. OK, no clue that YouTube had TV shows. It's past time to dump satellite but pretty expensive to keep it for one channel plus sports. Next on my list to investigate! Thanks for making me think! (Are any shows really worth much conversation???)

  10. I was just thinking about this exact same thing the other day. There are only a few shows that I watch "like we used to." I did not know that YouTube had TV shows. I am going to have to check them out. Life does keep changing...and very quickly.


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