Monday, March 19, 2018

One Week-ish

We have one week of school before spring break. Five days...well, maybe five days. Here in Northern Virginia, we've had no snow this year. None. We've been living in the middle of a snow-hole. Every time a big storm comes, we get nothing. Being born and raised in Massachusetts, I am missing my snow. 

This week we have another big storm forecasted and this time it looks like it might actually get us. I'm excited. What's funny is the build-up! 

Sunday night was filled with a texting conversation like this...

Here are a few comments on a Facebook post where I asked for predictions...

Snow days...I have to say, I love them. Here's to one or two this week!

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  1. Oh, so hoping you get your day(s)! Everyone needs one or two now and then even if it’s close to break. Have you used the snow day calculator? It’s been right twice for us.

  2. Oh, I'll wear my pajamas inside out for you, Michelle! Snow days are such a delight. Even when I know I shouldn't want one, I can't help getting excited. I love your shared conversations showing the anticipation among teachers. On the other hand, up here we've had 7 snow days already this year and a couple of early releases. I won't mind missing out on this storm and will nudge it your way with my compliments :)

  3. You can have the snow ... from your friend in Western Massachusetts ...

  4. I can't say the same. NO MORE SNOW!!!!! I have a my final workshop day with my school group on Wednesday and of course there's snow predicted but unlike you, MIchelle, snow lands in our area and of course we had to scurry around for a snow date. UGH! I have March!!! Take all our snow, PLEASE!
    Bonnie K.

  5. I like how you added text and facebook comments to make your slice feel very 21st century. Then I liked reading the comments from those in areas who have had snow. There perspective is interesting. I'm leaving Wed for Spring Break in France to see my daughter. Whatever happens, I still want my plane to be able to take-off. Perspective, indeed! Have a good week and break!

  6. I will the snow to you! We are on the rise to warm weather, green-ness, and grilling! Plus, we now have the three Fridays in May off, and I love those days! But I hope your days are filled with SNOW!

  7. Oh, I do hope you get one this week. The anticipation is so fun and the let down if they don't happen is sad along with frustrations. We've had a couple here in Ohio this year but not for real snow like we would get in Buffalo. We have five days too before spring break but no snow here. My daffodils and tulips are up and on their way.

  8. I am praying for a little bit of warmth in Chicago. I hope you got your snow days. I absolutely dread waiting on snow days to be called. Really makes it hard to plan a relaxing evening with a glass of wine vs. turning in early and mentally preparing for the work week.

  9. oh my, good luck I can have our snow! And we are supposed to get more this week!!!

  10. I've been thinking about you as I read about the impending doom of Winter Storm Toby! Looks like you are likely to see a day or two out of school and you will see the snow you've longed for!


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