Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Reflective Bloggers

We are almost halfway through this challenge. Tomorrow is the fifteenth. It's a good time to think about where I started and how far I've come in the slicing challenge. I'm surprised that I haven't had to write a, "I don't know what to write about" post, yet. I feel organized and successful in getting my posts done in a timely manner. Still, I'm surprised at which posts get the most comments and readers.

I invited my student slicers to reflect on their progress in this challenge. Their answers delighted me and surprised me. There's a range. A few love this challenge...a few have given up...and a few are struggling through it.

I am proud of each slicer who took the challenge. Here is what they are thinking about this, in their own words... 

There are so many different perspectives and opposing views. I'm proud of my slicers for reflecting on this challenge and sharing it with me. These notes have inspired some good conversations. It's my favorite thing...learning from my students. 

March is the Slice of Life Challenge.
I'll be sharing a post each day in the month of March.
Please join m

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  1. This is the perfect time to pause and reflect about the challenge. We're getting close to being halfway there. Like you, I'm feeling pretty good about the rhythm of writing. I have been able to get a post written each day, and most days I have posted before leaving the house. That takes the pressure off for sure. I do miss doing this challenge with students. Glad to hear your students are also seeing some success. It seems they work through the same challenges and celebrations each of us know so well. Keep writing.

  2. Ah, I love reflection. And Sticky Notes.

  3. Thanks for the reminder to reflect, the half way point is a good time! Thanks for adding the student post-its! Your students are lucky to have you.

  4. It is time for me to do this with my bloggers. Thanks for the reminder. I love reading the variety of responses. No two kids are alike, are they?

  5. I adore the honesty of the kids who said that they almost forgot to blog on the weekend or who are thinking that it will be hard to sustain their writing habit over spring break.

    You're wise to have the kids reflecting now. This will help them set goals before the month gets away from them.

    Beautiful, Michelle.

  6. Love your call to reflection--for your students and for us. Love writing on the sticky notes. A few years ago, I participate in #EDtime2wrt to write every day on a sticky and post a picture of it on Twitter. It was before I started blogging, it was a precursor to #SOL writing. I started because I figured I could write every day on a 2x2 sticky...

  7. Your students presented realistic expressions of what they felt while blogging, Michelle. It was interesting to read. Encouraging students to become writers starts with the teacher and you certainly are a good model for them to follow.


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