Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Things I Don't Like

I don't like traffic.
I don't like rudeness.
I don't like cheating.
I don't like lies.
I don't like mean.
I don't like burnt popcorn.
I don't like making silly mistakes.
I don't like when someone I love is sad.
I don't like feeling invisible.
I don't like crowds.
I don't like cinnamon.
I don't like when the seam on my sock is turned around.
I don't like constant negativity.
I don't like fruit with dessert (except for strawberries).
I don't like feeling sad...

This is certainly a different kind of post for me. It was inspired by a sixth-grade writer. Her post is here. I like the line I ended on because it reminded me of this quote I saw posted by the brilliant author, Martha Beck. The raw material for joy is sorrow...WOW!

March is the Slice of Life Challenge.
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  1. Some of your lines felt adult and some more child-like, but all are things we can relate to.
    Did you manipulate the shape of your poem on the page? Just curious. I wonder how it would read if you went from short to long lines, ending in the short final line.

  2. I read your sixth-grade writer's blog. I like the way you turned yours into what looks like a shape poem. Thanks for sharing this idea. It is one I'll use.

  3. Michelle, you pulled me in with your teaser about a sixth grade writer. I can't resist those posts. Isn't it lovely how we can be inspired by each other as we write? I smiled about the seam on your sock, agree with you about traffic and burnt popcorn (even though my oldest sister burns it on purpose), and have to say that I don't like any dessert that doesn't have chocolate as an ingredient.

  4. I really like the addition of the quote graphic at the end. It had an amazing effect on me as I read it... the negative "I don't like" suddenly became seeds for positive and I found myself going back to read the poem with a different lens. I like your mixture of the mundane nuisances of things with character traits, issues that affect the heart and soul

  5. Two of my daughters hate baked fruit. I can't understand that. I pie! I also like cinnamon but developed an allergy to it. Bummer. I love this idea and the way you go from serious dislikes to sillier ones then back again. It makes the poem funny and serious, a great combination.


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