Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Why Don't You Blog About it?

The culture in my class has changed. I've noticed subtle changes over the past two weeks and so much of it suddenly became clear yesterday. We begin class every day with writing time. All year long this writing happens in our notebooks, but during March I allow the slicers to blog during this time. (By the way, my sixth-graders love the title "Slicers".) 

I notice some students loving writing time a little more since they have the choice of vs. notebook. This makes me wonder. I'm a passionate and avid notebooker, but I reflect on whether or not I should consider this a permanent change and allow the choice for the days beyond March. 

We also begin with announcements and an attendance question. Yesterday, I got to announce that I started notebook number seventy-six. That announcement was met with cheers and this quiet comment from a student, "You should blog about it, Ms. Haseltine." 

YES! We've got it! When things happen, I hear this comment more and more. "You should blog about it." When my writers say this, I know blogging has become important to them. Here I am,  blogging about my new notebook...

Beginning again and back to basics. I've returned to my favorite kind of notebook after two different kinds of notebooks. This one is a classic sketchbook from Barnes & Noble. It's sturdy and it feels like coming home. The cover said, "I live to sketch." I covered sketch with a giant sticker. I've included a few pictures of the notebook and a page or two. 

What's going on in your life? Why don't you blog about it? 

On a completely unrelated note, yesterday in class, I used the word prolific in describing the writer, Stephen King. We discussed the meaning of the word and once they understood what it meant, I asked, "Who are other prolific writers?" Both classes answered, "Well, you are, Ms. Haseltine." Have I mentioned how much I adore sixth-graders?!?!? Going to write that in my notebook before I forget!

March is the Slice of Life Challenge.
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  1. What a wonderful post about the writing community and relationships in your classroom. There is so much to celebrate here!

  2. That’s the best thing about the slice experience. When we are working though something or celebrating it, we can just blog about it

  3. I love that you listen so intently to what your kids say and value their words as is "you should blog about it" - "well you" (are a prolific writer) - you don't doubt them for a minute and this slice is a tribute to your writerly community full of respect. Yes, I think you should offer blogging as a choice beyond March. Writers like choices! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your enthusiasm for writing is obviously contagious, caught by your students! I love your notebooks, and will be gathering my countless "empties" this summer to attempt more pen-in-hand writing and thinking. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. What an amazing community of learners you have fostered. I love their enthusiasm and yours, as well as your support for one another when it comes to writing. I confess to being envious of teachers with older students who can slice together. Maybe next year I'll figure out a way to do this with my Kindergarten writers/poets. Awesome slice!

  6. You are an inspiration beyond your classroom. I am currently placing supply orders for next year. Perhaps sketch books instead of composition books would be a fund change for notebooks? I'm so glad someone loves 6th graders.

  7. Your slice has such a celebratory tone. Love love love all the celebrating of writing (and the writing itself) that is happening with you and your writers. And notebook number 76- just wow!

  8. So awesome that your students view you as a prolific writer and encourage and inspire your writing on a daily basis. Also...I need to learn from you and become a more regular notebook writer. I love notebooks and journals and have written in several over the years but not consistently.

  9. So much to celebrate in this slice, Michelle. Your students writing... your notebook #76... and your students seeing you as a prolific writer. WOW!

  10. Such an inspirational post, on many different levels. Notebook #76! Students making authentic connections to writing and blogging. Their admiration for you, their teacher, as a writer. The seeds you are planting!!

  11. Your notebooks inspire me; however, giving students the choice of writing forums inspires writers. Of that I am SURE!


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