Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Five AM Field Trip

Monday was rainy and cold and, well, it was Monday. Why was I awake and out of my house by 4:40 AM? We had a field trip to visit 94.7 Fresh FM. We were invited to be guests of "The Tommy Show".

We spent a few hours watching Tommy, Kelly, and Jen create incredible entertainment.They shared their tips and advice with the middle-schoolers. They listened. They answered questions. They treated the students with such kindness, generosity, and respect.  

Students got the opportunity to record a promo for their segment, "Can't Beat Kelly". It was amazing getting to stand back and watch these kids speak on the radio. A few students interviewed Tommy and Kelly too. 

As the morning came to an end, they decided to film some of our segments in the studio. Just watching these students grab Tommy and ask him to be in the joke of the day or asking for advice made my heart grow with pride. They had fun. They took our time here seriously and I watched them learn from the best. 

This teacher's heart is full. This day is one of those teaching days I will hold close. I loved getting to watch these students take advantage of this amazing opportunity. I am so proud of them! Here are some of my favorite moments from our time together. Enjoy!

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for the call for the slice of life posts every Tuesday. Join us here, every Tuesday. 


  1. That sounds, excuse the pun, like a great trip, all around. Love the pics!

  2. Brilliant, Michelle! What an experience for the kids! It is one they will never forget.

  3. What a great radio station, willing to host the students--their world opened up a bit more that morning! So glad your students took full advantage of their field trip!

  4. How perfect to take your students to see where professionals produce the news show. Years ago when I helped with my school's morning show, we took a fieldtrip via the Metro to WUSA and watched them put on the noon news show. It is the best to see behind the scenes!! Your students are lucky to have you make the effort (4:30am!) to arrange the trip.

  5. Yippee! Glad to hear the early wake up was worth it! Sounds like a great trip!

  6. I love your kids got to do this. Real world work and fun! Watching and talking to professionals is such a wonderful thing for students to experience.

  7. I loved following your journey yesterday. Going out in the world to learn and observe can't be beat! I can't wait to see more about the impact it had on your work together. You just created amazing middle school memories.

  8. The long-awaited field trip! What an exciting day for all of you. I am certain the impact of this experience will be with your students for many many years to come. Who knows? may have a future broadcast journalist among these kids right now!


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