Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Reflecting on The Hundred Day Project

I've challenged myself to participate in the hundred day challenge. One hundred days! I started on April 1st (the actual challenge began on April 3rd). Today is day twenty-four for me and I'm plugging along. 

I've decided to write a poem every day on my pink typewriter. These poems are short and simple. Sometimes they aren't very good and other days I'm really proud of them, but I'm showing up every day. I think that's the lesson...showing up every day... even when, especially when I don't have anything to say. 

That's what writing is. That's what writers do. They show up to the page every single day and write and I'll continue to do so for seventy-six more days. (That's July 1st, for those who are counting.)

Twenty-four days into the challenge, I I regret starting this? Sometimes I wish I hadn't. Sometimes it feels like it's just one more thing until I sit down at my typewriter and I write.

Big goals are achieved by writing one little word, one little line, one little poem at a time...

I wonder how this challenge will change me. I wonder how my writing will change. I wonder what it will feel like to have one hundred poems that I wrote...I'm glad I'm doing this!

To my pink typewriter! 

Thank you to the team at Two Writing Teachers for providing this space for our slices. It's a powerful community and I'm grateful to be part of it. 
Join us, every Tuesday!


  1. I woke up
    with a poem
    in my heart,
    words mingling
    in my mind,
    a dream of something
    just beyond reach;
    my fingers now moving
    fleetingly across
    these clicking clacking keys,
    I've left this poem
    behind for someone else
    to finish.

    -Kevin (inspired by your poem)

  2. One hundred days is a big commitment! I think the pink typewriter and fun paper are motivating and inspiring. I hope the final products will be scrapbooked for future reading!

  3. Yes! Lots of good, unique and fun things happening here...I haven't typed in ages.. so fun.

  4. Michelle, these are beautiful! I have enjoyed viewing them online and actually though you created them with Canva or some other graphic creator. I had no idea they were actually created on your pink typewriter! I LOVE that you are doing this and am inspired to try something different to spice up my own writing.

  5. I'm glad you are showing up everyday to write poems...and that you are sharing them with us. I love the opening stanza of "I Forgot". It is beautiful that you "...woke up with a poem in my heart and words in my head..." That stanza could stand alone as a touching poem. It made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Rocking this challenge, lady! Keep going! The typing and paper add so much to this work. It just wouldn't be the same handwritten or created on a computer. Can't wait for the next installment!

  7. Ok, the pink typewriter - I'm jealous! Where in the world did you find such a gem? That alone would motivate me for 100 days (I think)! Keep it up - and remember, it's all about the process and NEVER about the product. You can do it!

  8. I enjoyed your reflections and you are keeping up. I'm getting behind a bit and then playing catch up knowing summer will make this challenge easy.

  9. Word by word. Writing daily. This is how you discover gems.

  10. I still love that pink typewriter! And a 100 day challenge! I am writing poetry this month too and often VERY frustrated by the challenge and so eager for it to end, but you are right: there is power and joy in simply showing up every day.


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