Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I Am Declaring this Notebook Month!

March is Slice of Life Challenge. April is Poetry Month. I am declaring May to be Notebook Month. 

The month when we reconnect with the pages of our notebooks. That's a primary goal for me this month. Get back to the notebook!

My students are reflecting and writing about themselves as notebook-ers this month because of an amazing opportunity! We...they...the sixth-graders are TAKING OVER Amy Ludwig VanDerwater's blog Sharing Our Notebooks

They have signed up voluntarily to write a blog post for every single day in May. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Today I conferenced with every single writer (again) and checked their progress.

The excitement is contagious! They can't wait! I love reading their thoughts on creating their notebook pages and their advice. My favorite part may be their author bios. These students are writers. They see themselves that way...they call themselves writers. We are all writers.  My notebook is going to be busy this month...

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for cultivating this strong and supportive community of slicers. Join us here. 


  1. I am so excited to read their posts! It is almost time for our class to make their summer notebooks and we will be using your 6th graders as mentors for sure! I vow to recommit to my notebook this month too!

  2. Cool. Will follow your project.

  3. If the students are willing, I would love to see pages of their notebooks to share with my teachers! From the names on your calendar, I can also see that our demographics are similar....

    1. Chris, We will be sharing pages all month. If you'd like more examples, DM me on Twitter & I'll get you more. They would love that!

  4. I saw your students were doing this. Wow! What an amazing opportunity. And yes, the author bios are always the best.

  5. I am all in with May as notebook month! I have nearly filled mine with writing from March and April and I'll be ready to start a new one in the next couple of days. I am looking forward to reading your students' takeover of Amy's notebook blog too.

  6. I know I will be sharing this take-over with teachers. From the pens of students, how perfect is this? I'm hoping that this will inspire and teach me a thing or two (or more) about notebook work.

  7. I fully support Notebook Month!

  8. Exciting! Looking forward to your students' posts. Happy Notebook Month!

  9. LOVED day one of the takeover, Michelle. Can't wait for more! And I'm joining you in celebrating Notebook Month. After three straight months of daily creating for this challenge and that challenge -- most of which happened on my laptop due to time constraints -- I am looking forward to luxuriating in leisurely longhand. LLL! Cheers!


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