Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Joy List

Life seems to be moving at hyperspeed. There are days when it's hard to stop and catch my breath. I'm working on practicing gratitude during these times. Here are some things which bring me joy and for which I'm thankful...
1. Students who challenge me and make me laugh.
2. Acts of kindness.
3. Laughing (and crying) with friends who see me and love me.
4. Phone calls and FaceTime with family.
5. Time spent in the pages of my notebook where I feel safe and free.
6. Walks and cuddles with Bella.
7. A school where I feel heard and valued.
8. The taste of my coffee in the morning.
9. Spending time making and creating
10. Long drives where I belt out my favorite tunes.
11. Making lists.
12. Cozy blankets and pillows.
13. My favorite blue ice cube trays that make my tiny ice cubes.
14. Making plans to attend & present at NCTE.
15. Pausing and listening.

Just sitting down and jotting this list has helped me on this gloomy and rainy morning. Today, what brings you joy? 

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  1. It's the simple things that bring the most joy. Thanks for sharing your list. I have a positivity journal that a friend gave me, but I keep forgetting to take the time to write in it. Not only is it good to notice the good, it's also important to take note.

  2. Joy was my OLW a few years ago and I love the intentionality of noticing it. This list is a great one to pull out on those days when it may be hard to remember joy.

  3. Joy is such a wonderful concept.
    Gratitude is so important.
    Coffee is my joy today and also that my commute is cut in half starting today.

  4. I love reading other peoples' lists to learn more about them in a very specific way. I'm going to tuck away your idea for a post in the near future, so thanks for the idea. What brings me joy today is having the time to spend commenting on other writers posts. Since I retired, my morning time has been all about reading the New York Times with a cup, or two of coffee, and reflecting on what I've read and learned. It was an absolute joy to read your post this am.

  5. I like gratitude list. Small things add up to big.

  6. I have been working on being more mindful this year too. Love your list! I keep a little book on my desk and have lists (organized by person, place or thing) on each page that I add to now and again. You remind me that I haven't rested in that gratitude practice in a bit.

  7. The title pulled me in and I started mentally composing my own list as I read yours. Thanks for reminding me to take a moment to note all the joy that is present in my life!

  8. I need to do this more often! I actually have an app on my phone for this and using it more is one of my current goals. Thanks for inspiring me to do so! No matter how much life seems to bog us down, there's always so much good, if we just remember to look for it!

  9. I found joy in actively listening to kids' "trouble stories" when I conferred with them today. There's something about the start of the school year that brings forth the lives of kids in ways that just makes me smile.


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