Monday, September 3, 2018

'Twas the Day Before Back to School Night

Tomorrow is Back to School Night. My brain is filled with thoughts and plans to make that a productive and successful evening. My slice today will contain the top ten important things in my life: 
1. I quit diet coke a week and a day ago. Brain fog has finally lifted. 
2. I'm teaching only seventh graders this year. I miss my sixth graders, but I do love my seventh graders. There's never a dull moment. 
3. Instagram stories are a new obsession of mine. I make silly and goofy stories and I have way too much fun doing it. 
4. For the first year in forever, I have a paper calendar for school that I'm using and loving!
5. I'm only teaching electives this year. It's a whole new world and I'm really enjoying it!
6. Currently, I'm on notebook number 77 and loving it! 

7. I read 86% of the Harry Potter series this summer. I only have book seven left. 
8. This is my 23rd year of teaching. I just realized that I'm four years away from teaching as long as my mom taught! 
9. Lunch is my favorite meal of the day...because of the company. 
10. Seventh-graders make me laugh!

Random list of a slice, but it's all my brain could create today. It's a "good enough" day of writing. I showed up. That's better than I did last steps. What important things are going on with you?

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  1. Making your way to seventh grade, and only electives? Neat and different, and probably a new pace of things, too. Good luck with the night, and the days that folllow.

  2. I like your list! Re-reading Harry Potter is a to-do for me, too. Sounds like you have a fun year ahead!

  3. I'm sure you will rock your open house AND this wonderful year filled with adolescent energy and enthusiasm!

  4. I hope the open house went well! I am sure that all the parents will love you. I love the pics of your notebooks. You are so organized with the numbering of them.

  5. Congrats on getting off of the Diet Coke!! I know that can be a hard one to quit. I am sure you rocked open house--hope it was a good eveing! I am not much of a re-reader, but with the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, I've been thinking about re-reading a few too. I wonder if you noticed different aspects of the story this time?

  6. All of the random bits added up to one super slice, Michelle!

    I can't believe you've been off of Diet Coke for a week now. Hooray for you!

  7. It is great to see what a busy brain you have- makes me feel like I am not alone in that! Here's to your great start! What fun to teach all electives- in theory you have built in buy in!

  8. What a fun slice, Michelle! Love your love for middle schoolers. A former colleague of mine at our K-5 school saw me this summer at a PD event - he now teaches at our middle school - and told me he would love to have me teach alongside him with at-risk readers if/when one of their team members retires. I'm surprised to tell you this was actually an intriguing thought to me! Who knows what the future may hold? Have a great year.

  9. Only electives? I want to know more!!!


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