Tuesday, November 13, 2018

NCTE Eve Eve

In just two days, I'll be flying south to Houston, TX to attend my fifth NCTE conference. This is the first time I'll be presenting. I just reread some posts from previous NCTE visits and I'm more excited than ever to be in this space with educators and authors.

My post from NCTE 2016 includes a bunch of collected quotes from brilliant authors and it turns out I get to present WITH one of these writers this time around: Amy Ludwig Vanderwater ! Amy, Linda Urban and I are sharing our passion for notebooks. Together on Saturday, we are presenting, with my brilliant colleague, Jen Cherry, moderating the panel. I'm so excited and unbelievably nervous!! Will anyone show up? Will they like what we have to share? These are the thoughts that plague me!

After my presentation on Saturday, #TeachWrite is hosting a notebook exchange and meet-up at 4:30. I can't wait to get to meet my writing friends in real life...and get a new notebook!

On Sunday, TeachWrite is presenting at a roundtable. Together with Jennifer Laffin, Leigh Anne Eck, and Andy Schoenborn we will talk about breathing new life into your writing life!

Sub plans are finished. Laundry is done. Bag is almost packed and I leave in 48 hours. I can't wait for this experience! What makes this year sweeter is the chance to spend time after the conference with my Texas family! Much of the Haseltine family will be together in Dallas for Thanksgiving and I am so excited!

If you are at NCTE, please comment and let me know! I want to connect with as many friends as possible. My presentation information is below, so if you would like, I'd LOVE to see friendly faces in the audience

Happy and safe travels to Houston!
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  1. Good luck. Wish I would be there to cheer you on. I do have my TeachWrite tshirt, though.

  2. Soooo jealous of the fun and learning! Lucky teachers to learn from you- you will rock it! I hope you share lots you learn.

  3. So exciting! Have a great time! We will be following all the action on Twitter!

  4. I'm coming! Bags aren't packed, but laundry is done. Still struggling with all the times that I have more than one session I want at the same time! I'm hoping to bump into slicer friends, although I can't make the dinner. 2014 was my first convention and this will be my second. My friends don't get why I would want to go to this convention since I'm retired. Retired from the classroom, but never from my favorite labels - book ambassador and conference queen!

  5. I can't wait to see you and learn from you. I'm coming - if I type my sub plans, lead a staff meeting and pack in less than 24 hours! Safe travels.

  6. Have. The. Best. Time, friend! I know plenty of folks will come to learn and share with all of you. I'll be cheering you all on the my couch. There with you in spirit. And share a picture of your new notebook when you choose it. Hugs to my Teach Write pals and Amy! xx

  7. So excited for your presentations Michelle! I'm looking forward to the adventure as well.


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