Tuesday, May 14, 2019

EOY Project

The school year is ending. We are days away from packing up and saying goodbye to another year. I'm proud of what my students have accomplished this year. 

Currently, we are working our way through projects that sum up our year of learning.  These projects are varied as students got to design and create their own project. Some students are creating movies, others are writing speeches that they will give, some are redesigning the classroom space for next year and a few are working with me to present at a local conference after school ends. 

The engagement is high. Students reflect weekly on their progress or lack of progress and report out on how it's going. I love seeing them engaged in their projects, but I love reading their reflections even more. After weeks and weeks of practicing, they are able to reflect in an authentic way. 

My hope is when they leave this class, they will remember how much they have to offer. I want them to remember that work doesn't always feel like work when you enjoy it. I want them to know that failure is part of the process and to figure out a way to go on after that. 

They have taught me a lot this year too. I continue to process the lessons these seventh graders have taught me. Enjoying this end of the year...
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  1. I love this, Michelle. What an authentic way to reflect on the many ways your learners have grown this year. So powerful!

  2. Love your words and the pics. It's easy to see that your classroom is a place of comfort and learning, a happy place!

  3. Your morning messages — which I adore reading on Instagram — are truly inspiring. It’s clear that your students have heard how much they matter (and how much they have to offer) through your daily reminders.

    On another note, what is up with all of this rain?!?!?

  4. YES - work doesn't feel like work and engagement is high. This sounds like the best way to finish out the year.


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