Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ending Spring Break and Celebrating!

Thank you to Ruth for this amazing community to share our celebrations!

April is poetry month. This month I will be crafting and sharing original poems. Often, these poems will be messy and early drafts. Many of us are sharing our poems on twitter using the hashtag, #digipoetry. We hope you join us!

I love spring break. I loved this spring break. Staying home was the perfect choice for me. Lots got accomplished. There was lots of reflection. Reflecting on where I am, where I've been and where I'd like to go. Here are some no particular order...

I like discovering new places on my own.

Moving more feels better every day I do it. 
FitBit report for the week. 

Forgive myself.
Always be kind (forgive myself when I fail here).
I'm an introvert in that I need time to myself to think and process and reflect.
Spending time with people I love makes me joy-filled and grateful.

Helping others feels good. 
When fear threatens to settle in, I work to change my perspective...LOOK for the good.
Going to new places opens up my world. 

Independent bookstores make my heart smile.
Curious Iguana, Frederick, MD
Engage, really engage, in the world.
Look people in the eye. Say hello. Ask questions.
Have faith. That kind of faith that keeps me warm when days are long and lonely. 

Know that what I do matters...
Email I received this week!

Today I celebrate being true to myself...not comparing...finally being grateful for my life. Exactly as it is. There's such freedom in that. Here's a haiku, inspired by that old cartoon character, Popeye...

I am who I am
And that is all that I am
I am who I am
~a haiku inspired by Popeye


  1. That email is the best. I love when kids reach out years later and let you know how things are with them and what you meant in their life. That's the best

  2. There is nothing wrong with being who we are, and most importantly accepting who we are. Great note from your student. That is what keeps us going.

  3. Love, love, love your celebrations this week, Michelle! That is an awesome email from your former student -- well deserved! You sound like you are in such a good place right now. I go back to school next week, too. Let's get ready to FLY! :)


  4. Wonderful to hear from former students like this one, Michelle. You have such a good connection through the classroom & now the college. That's very special. Love the Popeye 'yam what I am'- that's it!

  5. What a wonderful reflection Michelle. You should have had lots of smiles this week. So glad you heard from your student. This student represents a huge group of kids -- they just don't all write. Love reading your words.

  6. That e-mail from your student is so wonderful - it validates everything you do! Your celebrations this week are really powerful. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  7. Michelle, the haiku describes your message of your week perfectly. What better to have in an email than an amazing note from a former student. Enjoy springtime.

  8. Yes! What you do matters so much. I'm glad you had such a great week.

  9. It's hard to do, but we have to be true to ourselves without compare. You are who you are. And, wow, that email. That. Was. Awesome. Aren't you so proud that the student took time to reach out? That's a feel good moment that you can hold on to. Happy Easter, Michelle! He is risen -- for you and for me!

  10. I love your post and the Popeye quote. While traveling brings out the best in all of us and helps us see OUTSIDE our lives, a "staycation" seems to bring out deeper reflections and richer emotions as weel!

  11. Love, love, love that email and your outlook--so positive and full of light!

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