Friday, February 17, 2017

Celebrating Perspective

This week has reminded me to question perspective. There were some things in my life causing me stress or sadness. I decided to write about them. Seeing things from a different perspective and questioning my perspective turn into lightbulb moments for me. I'm choosing to believe that everyone has a story and is doing the best they can. I'm reminding myself that I, too, am doing the best that I can.  With my students, we created mission statements to focus our perspective during class. I can't tell you how amazing it is to hear the words that they wrote being read aloud, every single day. Here's one class sharing their mission statement:  
We begin our time together reminding ourselves of our goals and our potential. Yesterday started out as a dreary Friday. In my communications class, the first class of the day, there were yawns and sighs and not much energy. We decided to change our perspective. In the morning news, we heard that it was Random Acts of Kindness day. We brainstormed ways we've shown kindness or been shown kindness and we decided to share kindness in our school. 
The students grabbed sticky notes and wrote compliments and positive thoughts on them. 
We got up and snuck down to the seventh and eighth-grade houses and began to spread kindness. 
It worked! When we returned to the classroom, there was a pep in our step. Students decided to spread kindness to the sixth-graders too! Even the most cynical student announced, "That was fun." Watching the students find the sticky notes brightened the day and changed our perspective. 
Teachers and students were finding sticky notes all day. Some created their own and added to the fun! I am a huge fan of Parks & Rec, so a teacher friend put these sticky notes on my classroom door.
What a day of sharing kindness! Certainly, something to celebrate. 
Thank you to Ruth Ayres for providing this space to share our celebrations. Please join us and share your own!

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