Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Three A.M. The Bewitching Hour

This past year has brought some changes and disruptions to my sleep patterns. The one pattern that has stuck around is waking at three AM. Wide awake...the no going back to sleep awake. For weeks I was frustrated and worried until I relaxed into it.

Research waking at this time and you'll discover some unsettling suggestions about ghosts and demons. I believe that if someone from beyond is waking me, it's someone I love. Maybe my dad is nudging me to get up or maybe it's my grandmother saying hello. That brings me joy and comfort.

More research brings me to a song I used to listen to a lot, by Matchbox Twenty.

That's just a nice musical break for you.

I know I had read something about creativity and waking in the early morning. In searching for that, I just found this great blog post from Medium called, "Why You Keep Waking Up at 4 A.M., And why creatives should embrace it".

This post reminds me that these early morning moments are to be treasured and nurtured. I write. I read. Today I woke up with an inspired idea for a lesson with my sixth graders. 

Lean into it. Don't fight it. Life isn't exactly the way we want it or the way we dreamed...sometimes it's better and sometimes not. Many mornings, I wish I'd slept longer. My choices remain: fight it or lean into it. By choosing to lean into this time, I've embraced the solitude and used the time to be more creative. 

This time is precious to me. I feel like the whole world is asleep and I'm the first one awake. Greeting the day ahead with joy and hope!

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  1. As someone who wakes in the early hours myself, I can attest to the creative benefits of rising early. It is my favorite time of day even though other people think I'm crazy when I tell them how early I get up. Have you heard of the book "The Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod? I heard him on the Jeff Goins podcast last week. He's got some interesting ideas about early mornings too. Check it out! Have a great day, friend!

  2. yeah. early morning writers. we had a club once, right?

  3. I feel your pain! A friend shared this article recently
    which made me feel less stressed about my waking up!

  4. I chuckled when I read your lead-in! It's 3:23 am in my corner of the world. I used to chalk early morning wake-ups to stress. But now that I'm retired and lots less stressed, I still find myself waking early some days. I like your advice, "Lean into it."

  5. We should have a closed FB group for three am-ers. I'll consider starting one. At least we wouldn't be lonely! I think you'll find that many creative people have this condition.

  6. Its so nice to know there are others out there at that time looking at the clock. My favorite part of your post is that you are using it as an opportunity to write or read. I relish my writing and reading time. Picturing embracing the 3 am time to read and write sounds almost tempting! I have been waking up on my own for the first time in my life before the alarm goes off. Maybe I need to listen to my body and start my day with some word time!

  7. I'm right there with you. I used to stress about falling back to sleep. Now, I stay in bed, but let my mind wander. I usually fall asleep again, but I come up with some great ideas before I do.

  8. You sure can get a lot of extra writing done if you wake up that early! That said, I hope your sleep patterns return to normal soon.

  9. The universe or perhaps one of your muses is the waking you! I'm not surprised you are embracing this new trend. Lean in and go with it. Apparently 3 am is now your time!

  10. I don't wake up that early, but do get up early even when I've gone to bed late. I like seeing the sun rise and the quiet outside too. Love that you did the research and discovered the good in it. In my family there were some who believed in those visits if they looked at the clock and saw double numbers, as in 3:03. It happens more often than I can believe sometimes. Glad you shared, Michelle.

  11. My witching hour runs from 2 to 4, good writing time always :)

  12. I'm an early riser, but my internal clock usually waits until 5. I'm glad you are learning to live with it and not fight it. My mother has had this condition for years. She reads.


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