Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday that Feels like Monday

Good Morning!

I almost missed writing this post because I thought it was Monday. No work yesterday because of Presidents' Day...well, no school because of the holiday. I was very productive this weekend (and that's not the norm)... 

I did laundry.
I graded.
I wrote.
I planned.
I created.
I paid bills.
I read.
I saw a musical.

I took walks in the warm weather.
I enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee.
I grocery shopped.
I cleaned...

and now it's Tuesday. 
I hope you enjoyed your weekend and have a lovely Tuesday. 

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  1. We didn't have the day off, but next week is Mardi Gras break, so I'll enjoy a whole week off. Yay for days off!

  2. Starting on a Tuesday can be so confusing! Hope your shorter week is great after the productive start!

  3. Productive and enjoyable weekend. One extra day is always a gift.

  4. Having a day off is nice and your day was similar to mine-laundry, cleaning, reading, writing. Now it's back to school and doing the teacher things that we do. Happy Tuesday, Michelle!

  5. That was my Monday, too - taking care of the necessaries of life!

  6. Every time my mom comes here she always says "It feels like a Saturday/Sunday, even though it's a ______." It's funny how a change in our routine can lead us to feel like our days are mixed-up.

  7. I put the trash out last night & wondered why no-one else did, until I realized they would be a day late because of the holiday. I saw you weren't feeling well on FB. Take good care, & hope it goes away soon!

  8. What a fantastic weekend! You must feel so accomplished!

  9. Your list is so much more impressive than mine... I'm trying to do all those things in the evenings this week because I played all weekend. My list would read something like : I slept in, I went to my favorite exercise class, I went out to lunch. I watched the men's lacrosse home opener, I shopped.... uh oh. Time to get productive!

  10. Such a good feeling! Way to go! Great list!

  11. I love being productive--it's like a double bonus--you get the work done (relief!) and have the satisfaction of having done it. I'm just finishing a week of break which could not be accurately described, even by the wildest optimist, as "productive." Time to get to work!


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