Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Notebook #58

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Yesterday, I began a new notebook. I'd been dragging my feet, so I wouldn't finish my previous notebook. Changing notebooks stresses me out! (I never realized that I share this stress with others until I read Betsy's post last week!)

My notebook goes everywhere with me. When I look to purchase a new purse or bag, one of the considerations is always, "Will my notebook fit?" It becomes part of me...almost like a baby's security blanket. I feel incomplete if I forget it, and when I get home, I immediately need to "spend some time" with my notebook. OK, OK, maybe I sound crazy, but it's true. My notebook is where I am free to be me with no judgment or worries. It's where I figure out ways to solve problems. It's where I let go and I just am...to let go my notebook, when I finish is sad and hard. At the risk of sounding like a crazy person, I miss my old notebook and everything it contains. Sometimes I carry around old and new until the new notebook has established a hold...contains enough to make me feel comfortable and safe. 

I have been writing in notebooks for thirty four years for a very long time! I'm particular about my notebook. My favorite notebook (lately) is hardbound 8 1/2 x 11 book...sketch books, as I prefer NO lines. I love when the cover has pretty art or an inspirational quote on it too. 
Notebook #57

For this notebook, I'm trying something different...taking a RISK. This notebook measures 8" square. The pages have lines, faint lines, but they are there. I LOVE the cover...

Summer's quickly approaching and I thought a smaller notebook might be better. Since I feel no connections with my notebooks early on, I spent some time this weekend preparing it...

Notebook number fifty-eight, here we go...


  1. Wow! What a timely post for me! I have been planning to start something new once school is over (in order to have time to build the habit). Morning pages have been talking to me. You inspire me! And I love seeing photos of your notebooks!

  2. Blogging has really allowed me to try some more writing as well. I can't wait for a new summer notebook to record the thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful post Michelle. Your notebooks reflect all of you creative energy. No wonder you miss them when they are gone. I have notebooks but not the habit or is it the commitment to them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Lovely notebook - there's something very special about a new one. A new chapter (perhaps) in one's writing life.

  5. Love hearing about your notebooks, Michelle. The choosing just the right one is so important, and it seems you're enjoying it so far. Thanks for letting us see those first pages!

  6. Hope you and your new notebook have a great journey together.

  7. 58? Wow! I need to start catching up! You rock! I love reading your posts. Hey, don't forget, we're still going to meet in NYC for the TCRWP reunion this fall, right? I couldn't attend IRA, so I'm making sure I get to travel this year!

  8. I have said this before but I admire your discipline and dedication to your writing. Maybe some of this notebook loving will rub off on me!

  9. I'm finding I use my notebook mostly for saving IDEAS these days. I do appreciate a place to save my thoughts because otherwise they get "lost." Your notebook dedication inspires me to do more writing along with my note-taking.

  10. I love that you number your notebooks and that they have their own shelf! I just started a new notebook after Poetry Month, and we're having a hard time bonding!

    1. Mary Lee, I totally get that!! Stick with it....sometimes it takes me a VERY long time to bond with my notebook. It's a lot like a new relationship...you have to get to know each other. Good luck!


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