Saturday, May 10, 2014

Celebrating Growth and Struggle

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So much to celebrate this week! Last Saturday I added a new member to my dog, Bella. Today marks a week that we've been together and the adjustment is going well, mostly. (I forgot how hard the beginning part of this can be.) She's settling in and feeling comfortable...this morning, she even jumped up and sat in my lap to cuddle for a bit.
Sunday arrived and I got to meet one of my blogging friend real life! Catherine was close by and we met for brunch on Sunday. How amazing it was to spend time talking with someone and sharing stories about teaching, books, and life! What a perfect way to spend a Sunday!!
Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I have an amazing mother. She is sweet and smart and funny and kind and cute and I love her so much! We talk every morning and it's the perfect way to start my day! Living far away from her can be hard...sometimes I just want my mom, but she's always there for me! Like this...

I'm blessed with more mother figures in my life! My aunts always have been there for me and whether they know it or not, they have been role models and confidants for me. My life is so much richer because of them! 

Don't want to forget my amazing grandmothers...

Mother's Day also brings pain for me. Pain of what's lacking... I'm grateful for so many children in my wonderfully smart and sweet nephew, Jack and my beautiful and spunky niece, Jillian! 

Yesterday, a good friend sent me a card that made me smile...


  1. You have so many special "mothers" in your life and I hope your realize that you offer that some specialness to others. Jack and Jillian are so cute! What a thoughtful card from your friend - looks like she knows you well! Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm just now recapturing my blogging life. Michelle! Bella is lovely. I'm so happy for you. It looks like you have great women all around you! What a blessing! Have a lovely weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I missed your first Belle post and went back to read it. She is adorable. She is lucky to have you. You have a big heart. Even though your heart aches you find so many people to celebrate on Mother's Day. Wishing you a sunny weekend!

  4. Happy that Bella is becoming a great part of your household, Michelle. She is so cute. I still miss having a dog, but have travel plans & hate to leave if I'm just getting started. Maybe in the fall. I love seeing the pictures of all those family members whom you love and who love you. That's a most special thing.

  5. Michelle, this is a beautiful celebration of moms and important women. I hear you on the lacking feeling. For many years, Mother's Day was very tough for me. I am now blessed to have two beautiful eleven year olds. But I hear you. Adorable niece and nephew and dog! Best to you.

  6. You are so filled with love. No wonder, look at all of those "moms" that have filled you. And thank you for sharing your heartfilled mom love with us. It is appreciated. I do know how you feel not having the little ones to mother. Had that feeling. Got the kids -- eventually. And now, as they age, they push the mothering away a bit. Kind of sad moments with that, leaves a bit of a hole. Love Bella. So glad you got her!

  7. Love the pictures of Bella! So glad she's setting in. We have 6 cats and an elderly dog, and sometimes we think about Roxy being "last dog." Dogs are a lot of work! But dogs really do fill the house and provide a kind of companionship that not even 6 cats can provide. I enjoyed seeing the photos of your mom and grandmothers!

  8. What a cute card!

    I enjoyed the photos of your special someones!

  9. Sorry I missed this, Michelle. I was on my back from Virginia, AGAIN! This time it was for a joyous wedding celebration, though. It was so wonderful to meet you! Glad to hear Bella's settling in, and I love seeing all the photos of your mom, aunts and grandmothers. I'll bet you all have lots of fun together!


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