Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Closing Tabs and a Book Rec

Write about superheroes? No. I could write about Bella, my dog, and her obsession with penguins? No. 

How I have too many tabs open (on Chrome) and it's stressing me out? No. 

UGH! I don't know what to write about. I've been blogging for years. Maybe I've run out of things to say. No. I know that isn't true, but I'm stuck and I think I'm too focused on making it "good" and "worthy". I hear my own annoying advice rattling around in my head, "Just show up and write!" so here I am. 

Yeah, I....

Arrrggghhhh!!! This writing thing isn't easy. You know what's ironic? I've been writing (not on my blog) a lot recently. How do I balance different kinds of writing? I have to switch off what I'm writing over there and really be present here. I guess it's like reading more than one book at a time.

Oh, and that reminds me, I'm reading an AMAZING book that every single educator I know should read! It's called Intention: Critical Creativity in the Classroom

This book....there's so much inside these pages. I'm savoring the message and meandering through the chapters so as to soak up every syllable. The ideas inspire me and I'm doodling all over the pages. I'll write more about it when I'm done, but if you don't know this book or don't have it....RUN and get it....NOW!

I have one more thought this morning before I post this. Why does Grammarly insist that my ellipses use four, instead of three, periods?!?! Grammarly is a free add-on for Chrome and it frequently reminds me that I use the incorrect prepositions and stink at commas. 

This post is a mash-up of randomness. It's not great, but it's done and sometimes that has to be enough....and I've closed all those extraneous tabs. Just closed them. Ahhh, that feels good!


  1. Now you know why I wrote in "numbers" today, Michelle. Some days it's just what happens, nothing comes to the mind for SOL! I love your words about Grammarly. Though I find it faster and helpful, I do argue with it sometimes! And I love "I have to switch off what I'm writing over there and really be present here." Yep, same feeling. Have a wonderful day wherever you are, whatever you're writing!

  2. Thank you for the book recommendation! Your post gives words to why I feel I struggle with consistent writing. Do I really have that much to share/say? I don't know. But thank you for continuing to share your space with the world! Have a lovely summer day!

  3. Your post made me smile! I giggled with the part about too many tabs, that always stresses me out and so I find myself opening way too many windows, which is worse! Happy Writing!

  4. This mash up of thoughts is so familiar to me. The difference is that sometimes I chicken out and don't write at all. I am glad you are here.

  5. The mish mash is familiar to me too! I love how you when from topic and to topic and I could nearly hear your voice rising. it is tricky to write for different purposes in different writing spaces--even in our minds. I know when I've done a lot of journal writing or professional writing or just writing for me, I don't have as much focus or even energy for the blog. And that is okay. Those tabs though.... : ) Wow! lol

  6. I like how this feels like we've just talked on the phone. You know how those conversations with best friends go in all different directions. I am also plagued by tabs and writing in too many different places. My post today was going to be a poem, but after working on it for days, I had a revelation that I didn't have to write a poem. Who says? Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves. Relax. This was a just right post.

  7. Love your mash up - a writer's brain is always working, even when we think it's not. I'll have to check out this book!

  8. I love how you persisted through it all! Your question about balancing different kinds of writing really struck a chord with me. Sometimes that is such a challenge.


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