Tuesday, June 13, 2017

You Matter

I'm not the smartest person. I'm not the prettiest. I was never picked first for any team. I'm not the best and I really don't want to be. I work hard at so many things but what's most important to me, what I value the most is being kind.

The end of the school year is time for reflection. I ask my students to reflect and I reflect myself. I think about what I did well and where I can do better. In my reflections this year, I've come to the conclusion that I did a good job at developing relationships with students and connecting with them. 

Here are some of their thoughts...

"You Matter" is how I communicate to my students that I see them and they are important to me and to our classroom community. Every day those words are on the board and it's made a difference. Many students told me that seeing those words every day in class made a difference to them.

We talk about what those words mean. We discuss how to communicate those words to each other, verbally and non-verbally. It's something I value and I see the value transfer to all very soon. We use these words. It becomes part of our daily conversation.

It's important, it's necessary, it's non-negotiable, to SEE our students every single day. It makes a difference. One class told me that I was their hero. (By the way, it isn't really about me at all, it's about the message: "You Matter!" It changed them. It meant something to them.) They created beautiful gifts. First of all, I got my very own superhero cape...

They also created a notebook for me. This notebook is filled with pages and pages written for me and to me. I see my students and they see me.

My hope for these students is that they remember their worth and share it with the world.

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  1. It is so clear that your words matter to them! You have set your students up to be independent and that is our #1 job as teachers. They will miss you!

  2. Helping students know they matter is a superpower. I believe a good student-teacher relationship is a necessary foundation for learning. With my own children, I saw that they did better in classes when they had a positive relationship with their teacher, even when the academic content was challenging.

  3. You are wise. You are beautiful inside and out. You are the best version of you. You matter and this what helps you to spread the message.

  4. Now that is how students honor their beloved teacher - the one who taught them what matters. Bravo, all.

  5. Love it! "You matter" is the most important message! I still laugh out loud at that superhero cape pic, Super H! You rock! (Jennifer Sniadecki)

  6. You matter too! Have you seen Angela Maiers' You Matter message? As your students show, it sure sticks with us when we know we matter to others. Sounds like you had a great end to the school year. Happy summer to you, friend!

  7. The greatest possible compliment is "You listen to me when I talk!" I' love to be in your class.

  8. Oh, how neat! It sounds like you have some fantastic evidence that what YOU did has mattered to your students! :-)


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