Saturday, May 24, 2014

Celebration Saturday

Each week on Saturday 
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Won't you join us? 

Some days it's not easy to write this is not one of those days! I feel full of joy and celebration today. 
I celebrate an amazing week with students who are funny, hard working, silly, creative, and wonderful! This week they took two state tests. We continue to prepare for our poetry celebration in June, PoetPalooza, by writing & revising & rehearsing original poetry. I continue to be amazed by the stories that sixth graders have to tell...they are full of joy, wisdom, pain, and hope!

I celebrate learning!

We begin Literacy Journey, our graduate course, with an introductory meeting in May. This is the fourth year that I'm facilitating. I celebrate the energy and enthusiasm that teachers brought to that May, during state testing, after a full day of school! They engaged in thoughtful conversations and I'm so excited to work with these teachers next year! 

Bella is cause for much celebration! 
We visited the dog park last week and she seems to be bonding to me. She climbs up into bed with me and she cuddles more. I'm so grateful to have found her. She's perfect for me!

I celebrate love. 
A dear friend of mine is getting married today. She started out just as my neighbor and now I think of her like a sister. She's found a kind, wonderful, loving man to marry. I'm overjoyed for them as they begin this new journey in life together! I'm grateful to be part of their celebration and I celebrate their love!!

Wishing you many celebrations this week!


  1. It is indeed a joyful post, Michelle! Love the wordle-filled with great words! Your poetry Palooza is something I hope you'll share more about! Have a wonderful weekend, starting with the wedding!

  2. I love that you are full of celebrations. My post was one of the more difficult celebration posts. So glad to read yours where celebration is like honey flowing off of the spoon easily and sweetly. Enjoy the wedding!

  3. You are indeed putting off a celebration vibe! I'm so happy that this week was one that allowed you to do so! Have a great weekend!

  4. What a wonderful week you had!
    Bella looks so happy! She must think she is in heaven!

  5. Your celebration is like your tagxedo apple picture - rich, healthy, colorful. I am happy that you had such a positive week.

  6. Loved reading this post. So much color, energy and love here. PoetPalooza sounds awesome -- So glad that Bella is perfect -- Lucky teachers to have you as a coach and lucky neighbor to have you as a friend.

  7. You have such a joyful contagious attitude. Love the dog park picture. My dog Charlie is sleeping on my lap, joy. What words did you use in your tagxedo? Does it work on a Mac?

  8. Great celebrations this week. It takes a special person to celebrate the joys of others. I keep praying for that joy to find you! Have a great weekend!

    1. Leigh Anne, THANK YOU! Keep praying! :) I can't tell you how much I appreciate your prayers and your comments! When will we get to meet IRL (in real life)?!?! Have fun at All Write!

  9. Your post is energizing! Hope that the wedding is full of fun and happiness. I went to a wedding last weekend and it was so lovely to be a part of the celebration.

  10. I love reading celebrations at home and celebrations at school! Great teach read write reflect coach graphic!

  11. This is my first time here ... but I'll be back! As others have said, I like the energy :) and color!


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