Sunday, May 3, 2015

#LCPSEdchat: Students & Authentic Problem Solving!

Our next #LCPSedChat will be May 7th at 8 pm.  Dr. Eric Williams will be guest moderating this month so be sure to join us.  Below is the topic and questions we will cover.  We hope you can join us.
Guest Moderator: Dr. Eric Williams @ewilliams65

When: May 7, 2015 at 8pm
Where: Twitter (use or to follow the conversation more easily)
Hashtag: #lcpsedchat
Who: EVERYONE! Looking for LCPS teachers...ALL are welcome!

Topic: Students and authentic problem solving
1) Why did you go into education? 2) What does an ideal graduate look like? 3) What are examples of authentic problems that students have addressed in your class, school or district? 4) What advice do you have for teachers who engage students in solving authentic problems? 5) How can engaging students in solving authentic problems help recapture the joy of teaching and learning? 6) How does engaging students in solving authentic problems develop the attributes of ideal graduates?


  1. Sign into either or to follow the conversation. Sign
    in USING your twitter username & password. Type in #lcpsedchat. Now, the sites will automatically put the #lcpsedchat into every tweet for you.
  2. EVERY tweet must include the #lcpsedchat to be seen by the group.
  3. Introduce yourself and jump into the chat. Ask questions, answer questions. This chat is for you! Tip: Address someone directly by using their username if you are answering/asking them a question.
  4. This chat is moderated by @mhaseltine, @jbreynoldsTRT and @mikespeidel. Follow the moderators!
  5. The chat will be archived when it’s done and the archive will be shared on twitter and the blogs. You can read the entire chat after it’s over, if you want.
  6. Remember: Chats can move fast. It’s ok! Take a deep breath and get ready!

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