Friday, July 24, 2015

Celebrating Space

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for the opportunity to focus on celebrations every week!
This week I am celebrating space. Space to write. Space to read. Space to cry and laugh and live. Space to BE.
Space to be.
There's a terrific blog called, The Messy Middle, and this week she wrote a post about slowing down. She said, "Our lives demand so much motion. But our souls demand stillness." This week, there's been space for stillness. The stillness can be hard, but it's where we grow and learn. I celebrate the stillness and space to just BE.
Space to write.
Writing has been such a focus for me this summer. I have miserably failed this past week...well, I haven't written what I wanted to write. On Instagram, Glennon (author of the blog,  Momastery and the book Carry On, Warrior) posted a picture of her writing space.
I needed to reorganize my space...I found a candle that looks and smells lovely. My pens surround me, as does my washi tape. I have a picture of me holding my sister when she came home from the hospital...reminds me of family that loves me! Googlie eyes that remind me to laugh and not take myself too seriously. My writing room tends to get warm, so I even have a tiny little fan. It's warm and homey and I love coming in here. Thanks for the inspiration, Glennon!
Space to read.
I have my bedroom back. I was bringing all of my writing into my bedroom. It's out now and it occupies it's own space. Whew! My bedroom makes a beautiful reading spot, as does my couch...I LOVE all of my new pillows.
Space to cry & laugh & live.
I celebrate my friends and family who generously give me the space to be me...crazy me...and they love me anyway! Phone calls and texts connect me with those I love who live far away!

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