Saturday, August 22, 2015

Long Distance Connections

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Being a teacher is hard. I adore my job, but make no's challenging. I'm grateful for those who make my job easier! Colleagues, strong administration, supportive parents...I'm blessed to have all of these. I also have a powerful PLN. Teachers from around the country (around the world) who share my passion and who share their expertise and ideas! 
How do I connect with these teachers? It starts here, on the blog. I write and they read and comment. Relationships begin to develop. It continues on Twitter. We chat and share resources. We ask each other questions. Last year I was lucky enough to meet so many of these teachers at a national conference, NCTE. 
How do we keep in touch? Currently, I am in an amazing online writing group that meets weekly via Google Hangout! It's the best way to begin a Saturday morning, by sharing our weeks and our writing. 
Yesterday I enjoyed another Google Hangout with some other teachers. We had plans we wanted to make and online wasn't enough...we needed to talk. Julieanne, in California, and Margaret, in Louisiana, and me, in Virginia...sat and talked for a couple of hours via Google Hangout. 
The hardest thing about Google Hangout is finding the time (especially across three different time zones)...and making sure the internet works.
Our talk left me feeling inspired and grateful. I am amazed that I work with teachers all over the country. I consider them mentors. Technology has changed my life as a teacher!

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