Friday, August 7, 2015

Walking Alongside Friends

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for the opportunity to focus on celebrations every week! September 19 will mark our 100th celebration! Please join us!
As I prepare to return for my twenty-first year as a teacher, I am taking time to reflect. Twenty-one years ago, I walked into a third grade classroom, Room 110, excited and nervous and ready to teach. I walked into that room alone armed only with my ideas. Twenty-one years later, as I walk into Room C10, I walk in with a crowd of support. I am not alone...
As I walk into my classroom,
I walk with Stacey who reminds me that I am a writer when I wonder and question myself. Her unwavering faith in me pushes me to continue when I think I can’t.
I walk with Lee Ann who inspires me to be more creative in my notebook and in my life.
I walk with Margaret who shares her creativity and poetry and her kindness.
I walk with Julieanne who always encourages me to think about things in a new way with her thoughtful words and ideas.
I walk with Tara who shares creative ideas that I borrow and use with my students.
I walk with Linda who reads everything and shares her thoughts about these books and words and ideas.
I walk with Beth who introduced me to my favorite new pens, Ener Gel!
I walk with Holly who reminds me to hold onto my faith and to make the world a better place and to share those qualities with my students.
I walk with Kathleen who lives her positive attitude in everything she writes and shares.
I walk with Ruth who celebrates and demonstrates the power of kindness and gratitude.
I walk with Leigh Anne who asks questions and reflects and shows me how to always work to improve as a teacher...and a writer.
I walk with Jennifer who shares her positivity and laughter and motivation and who invites me to be more than I think I can be.
I celebrate each one of you (and so many more that I haven’t named here). You walk with me on that first day of school and all of the days that follow. I listen to your voices when I don't know what to do and when I need support. I'm grateful that I no longer walk alone. It’s good to be surrounded by friends!
Note: The form for this post was inspired by Patrick Allen's thoughtful Facebook post to some of the greats in the world of literacy. He inspired me to think about who I carry in my heart. Here's a peek at his post...

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