Tuesday, October 27, 2015


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Traveling changes my perspective. 
I get a chance to slow down and look at things from another angle. My cousin got married this weekend and I drove up to Massachusetts to be there. 
I could have flown, but there's something about that long drive that brings me peace. I know the route like the back of my hand, so I can relax into the drive. 
It's been fifteen years that I've been taking this route home and I feel like I  notice different things each time. This trip brought brilliant autumn leaves. I love the freedom of leaving before the world wakes up and watching the sun rise. 
Rest stops provide a moment to stop and look around.

Flying might save time, but it doesn't bring me peace of mind. I figure things out on the road. Sometimes the music blares and a belt out a few tunes and other times I listen to audiobooks or podcasts. It's time when I must be mindful and pay attention to the road...time when I think about life. 

Arriving at my destination feels like an accomplishment. I left one place and I arrived in another. Seeing the happy faces of my family and getting the hugs...it's why I travel.

No one seems to understand why I drive. I get looks of confusion and furrowed brows. Questions like, "How long does it take you?" and "Wouldn't you rather fly?" greet me each and every trip. The answer is no. I wouldn't rather fly. I get to drive! Is there traffic? Yup. Construction? Sure. Bad drivers? Certainly. Driving is about the time and the quiet and stopping and looking around in a world that's so busy. 


  1. I recently drove all the way to Chicago. I was with my daughters which helped, but I get that "time to notice." Mary Oliver tells us to pay attention. Your weekend was made richer by this attention and time.

  2. The think time you got on this trip is an investment in you. And what beautiful views you had on the way!

  3. I love road trips too, Michelle, understand completely the wonderful hours of thinking, looking, just sinking into the time and enjoying. Your pictures are beautiful, & I love that you captured the niece and nephew coming off the bus!

  4. What those who ask those questions don't understand is that there is joy in the journey!

  5. This is beautifully written, Michelle. The combination of text and pictures is perfect. It's like a photo essay; you can't read one without the other.

  6. I love driving especially when the view is similar to yours. Beautiful pictures, especially the one with the tree against the blue sky! Wow what wonderful sites to see.

  7. What a rich experience that drive was, Michelle - look at all you were able to enjoy!

  8. What a rich experience that drive was, Michelle - look at all you were able to enjoy!

  9. I'm not a fan of long drives (unless I'm the passenger and can read ;-)) because I get sleepy, but you've helped me look at it a different way. The photos are beautiful!


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