Monday, December 28, 2015

Coming Home

Thank you to Stacey, Betsy, Dana, Tara, Beth, Anna, Kathleen & Deb for this amazing platform to write and share writing! What a wonderful community you've created! I'm honored to be part of it. Join us at Two Writing Teachers.
After being away for a week, it's good to be home. I moved to Virginia in the year 2000. I'd gone through some life changing events in Massachusetts and I needed a change...time away. I spent months deciding where I wanted to go and finally decided on Virginia. Honestly, I thought it would be for a year or two, so I could get some distance and perspective. It's been over fifteen years and I love it. When I moved here I knew TWO people, friends from graduate school. They helped me find a job and a place to live. When I think about those first months, it was hard. I didn't know anyone. I barely knew my way around. I didn't have any money. I was lonely and lost. That struggle helped shape the person I am today and I am grateful for those experiences.  Today I declare Virginia to be my home. I worked hard to find my spot, on my own, and I'm proud of that accomplishment. Blessed with many friends, some of whom are like family. I have a church family too. I've been thinking about the word home. What is home? What does that mean? Home is love Home is being seen Home is knowing that you matter Home is "I missed you" Home is Bella snuggles Home is my yellow bowl of cheerios for breakfast Home is a hot bath with peppermint bath salts Home is belonging I hope your time at home this week is all of these things and more!

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