Saturday, May 21, 2016

Celebrating a Week of Ups & Downs

What's the saying? Life is like a roller coaster. This week has seen ups and downs...and I'm tired. I celebrate them all here today.


More rain.
State testing.
End of year exhaustion. 


National Notebook Day!
Time spent with friends. 
Students falling in love with their notebooks again.  

New possibilities.
A former student who sees me in the hall and lights up. 
Two students starting to write their own book. (One of these students insisted that she hated writing at the beginning of the school year!)
That same student publishing her hundredth blog post for the year. (Now, she's on her 103rd post.)
Voxes from friends.

Moderated a great Twitter chat about Genius Hour
Another makerspace lesson in class this week. (I'm writing more about that soon.)

When I sit down and look at my week, I see so many positive things. I'm surrounded by good friends. Work is crazy, but good. The week ended at my new favorite place, the Michael Helene Salon. Lauren cut my hair again and I like it better the second time.

I've never felt comfortable at salons and it's rare that I return to the same one. I'm excited to have found a place where I feel comfortable and heard. She is funny and passionate about hair and so talented. 

I begin this rainy Saturday celebrating new haircuts, new possibilities, and good friends. I'm off to meet with some of these friends to make plans for the summer invitational institute for the Northern Virginia Writing Project

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for providing this space to share our celebrations. Please join us and share your own!


  1. Life IS like a rollercoaster...We need the ups to get through the downs, and the downs to appreciate the ups. :) LOVE your haircut! Happy planning!!


  2. Michelle, you captured so many celebrations throughout your week. I can, however, relate to your "downs" but it's easy to push them aside...well, expect for the rain maybe. :). Enjoy your Saturday! ~Amy

  3. Your celebrations are everywhere that's is when I'm the most happy. Even the rail leaves a little writing time.

  4. I love your haircut! I'm the same way about salons!

  5. I always love what you do with your pictures, Michelle. They celebrate the kids beautifully. And, people pay a lot to get gorgeous curls like yours! Love the cut! Happy weekend!

  6. Ups and downs, the ups so much brighter in comparison to the downs. Have a wonderful Saturday!

  7. Finding the ups is the point of celebration. Thanks for sharing these! Great hair!

  8. I enjoyed all of your happy and the great photos of your engaged students. And such curls! Beautiful!

  9. A new hairdo, new digital creations, and lots of celebrating despite the rain. Enjoy your celebrations, Michelle.

  10. Congrats on a good week! Even in the rain. I'm so glad you included Amy's 100th post in this so I could comment!

  11. Curly perfection -- now there's a reason to celebrate!
    Looking forward to meeting you in June!


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