Saturday, September 5, 2015

September Celebrations

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for the opportunity to focus on celebrations every week! September 19 will mark our 100th celebration! Please join us!

I love September. September means new beginnings and fresh starts. It reminds me of the new year in January. As teachers, we get this additional opportunity for a new year and I love it! 

I celebrate enthusiastic and sweet sixth graders and their parents. This week school started. We are getting to know each other. We are reading and writing a lot! Thursday was Back to School Night and I met lots of kind and supportive parents. I am blessed to work in such a wonderful school!

I celebrate my OLW of the year, FLY! 
This word has taken me places I didn't expect. I began writing a book this summer. It's about notebooks and how I keep them and how I use them with my students. Hoping this has an audience when I'm done. I'm hoping to get a publisher and get it published, but the act of writing it is amazing and powerful.

I've been sharing notebook pages each day on instagram and twitter with the hashtags #sharingournotebooks & #haseltinenotebooks
Please share notebook pages from you and your students!! I'm honored to have a blog post on Sharing Our Notebooks. Please stop by and check it out and use the hashtag #sharingournotebooks and #haseltinenotebooks

I celebrate unexpected beginnings. Not much more to say here...yet...but look for some new things coming...

Off to do some more writing and reading! Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. The power of OLW is amazing. I am very excited that your notebooks have inspired you to write a book.

  2. It is so exciting that you are writing your book. Your own little word has truly inspired you.

  3. You are flying, I love that image. How exciting it must feel to write a book. I like the idea, I am in your audience! And, I agree 100%, writing is an act of faith. It requires believing in something you can't see. And it always pays off, in some way or another.

  4. Wonderful that you also had some sharing by NCTE, Michelle. I'll go check out your visit to Amy, too! Glad it was a super week-flying!

  5. I love your Sharing Our Notebooks blog! And I have to thank you for being so open in sharing what's in your notebook. It's allowed me to be freer in what I put in mine. I always felt like it had to be organized and pretty -- like Penny Kittle's, so I want to thank you for sharing your messes too. :)

  6. Already the beginning of school honeymoon has worn off. I envy your new attitude. You are also in the honeymoon stage of writing. I want that back, too. Rejection just plain sucks.

  7. I love your notebook pages. They make me happy! I'm trying to get back to notebook writing instead of just writing my blog posts on the computer. It's harder for me without students to keep me going. Celebrating unexpected beginnings - now you've piqued our curiosity!

  8. Yay for beginnings. September has a calm feel to it. A settling into what we want to do. It feels orderly and hopeful. Here to all of that!

  9. Michelle, I am filled with joy after reading your blog and the one you wrote for Amy's site. You certainly are flying this year so your OLW was quite appropriate. "Writing is an act of faith." What a fabulous quote that I will pass on to other teachers when I facilitate my writing workshop this year.

  10. I would buy that book! "Writing is an act of faith." Yes. :) Thanks for sharing this joyful post!


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