Monday, September 7, 2015

This is Bella

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Good Morning! This is Bella. I am writing this blog post this morning because my mommy can't figure out what to write. She is struggling, so I decided to help her. I am going to write about our weekend. We had a wonderful weekend, but some weird things were happening!
Saturday was perfect. We took a long walk. I sniffed lots of good smells and enjoyed myself.
When we came home, Mommy and I played with my toys and then we cuddled together for a little while. I settled down to rest and all of the sudden there was all of this commotion. Mommy was taking things off of the shelves. All the things were coming off of the shelves. 
She was surrounded. I couldn't get to her. I paced back and forth while she moved things around. Some of the things on the shelves went into bags and into the garage and other things just went back onto the shelves. Finally, she was done!
Suddenly, it was happening again. This time, she was taking everything out of the closet. 
How big is that closet?!?! Things just kept coming out. 
Finally she moved things around, lots of it went into bags and into the garage and the rest returned to the closet. 
I didn't like this at all! There's too much craziness!!! Why is she doing this? When will it be over? Ahhhh, I thought, we are done.  We walked upstairs to my bedroom. It's my favorite room in the house! My crate is in there and Mommy's bed too! As I was deciding if I should go into my bed or rest on her's, once again clothes started flying around. 
What is happening?!?! I started worrying. Is she leaving?!?! She moves clothes around like this before she leaves me. I couldn't stop pacing...I started panting. I wanted to yell, "MOMMY, STOP!" but I don't talk. I watched her carefully...every moment. It lasted all day. She even started again on Sunday.  Finally, Monday we are done. No bags. No stuff. No chaos. Just rest. Me and my mommy. Together. I guess overall it was a good weekend. 

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