Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Find Your Tribe

Thank you to Stacey, Betsy, Dana, Tara, Beth, Anna, Kathleen & Deb for this amazing platform to write and share writing! What a wonderful community you've created! I'm honored to be part of it. Join us at Two Writing Teachers.


Who said this? It's everywhere now. It's valuable advice I've been given and followed...and it's changed my life. 

What does tribe mean? In biology terms, it's above genus and just below family. It also means, a distinctive, close-knit group. YES! These people who make up my tribe are as close to family as I can get and they are certainly distinctive.

A tribe protects and guards.
A tribe loves and supports.
A tribe nudges and encourages.
A tribe is there...always there.

I love my tribe. I'm grateful for my tribe. I'm not sure if they (many of you are reading this) truly understand how much you mean to me and how you've changed my life. You've given me courage to be myself. You've nudged me to do better. You've told me thing I didn't want to hear, but I needed to hear...and I'm better because of that. That's what it is...my tribe makes me better. They love me as I am, but inspire me to be the best Michelle I can be.

Today my post is to my tribe. Thank you! Thank you for your words of encouragement. Thank you for the notes and emails. Thank you for listening to me through my tears and frustration. Thank you for your laughter and your time.

YOU have shown me the love that the world has to offer. YOU have encouraged me to get out there and take a risk...fly. YOU have been the voice in my head, when I don't know what to believe. YOU have changed me. My tribe.

Everyone needs a tribe.
Find yours.
Love them.
Listen to them.
Lean on them.

They will guide you when the road isn't clear.
They will give you a SELAH when you need it.
They will nudge you to move on and be your best.
They will love you no matter what.

[I wasn't sure what I was going to write about today and I thought about this topic. I looked back on my blog to see if I'd written about this and I have...once...two years ago...this exact week. I love life's surprises like that.]


  1. I started a happiness journal, nudged by you, and I keep thinking about all the people I've met online who are now so present and important to me. You are in my tribe. This journey of writer/creator/person/teacher takes on new energy and meaning when you share with a tribe. Love all your quotes! Thanks.

  2. I loved your quotes and your explanation of the meanings of tribe to you. I know my definition has certainly expanded over the years and my involvement with social media.

  3. Simply beautiful, friend! : ) : ) : )

  4. I remember hearing about my tribe the first time I attended a SCBWI conference. I didn't get it at first. By the end of the conference, I understood what it means to find your tribe. It's a thing. A good thing! So glad you've found yours!

  5. I had not heard the expression tribe. My group calls it our possee. Either way it is important to have those people in your life who love you and tell you the truth.

  6. You got me crying. Good tears. I love the idea of tribe. And all you shared here. Thank you Michelle. You, part of my tribe, keep me going.

  7. Today is my first encounter with you and your blog so I don't think that qualifies me as part of your tribe...but I loved your quotes and you feel like somebody I'd want in my tribe...so hello! And thank you for this post!

  8. Just one thing to say - this makes me smile. Words are not needed.

  9. Having, receiving the words from you, and from all who connect has been life-changing for me, too, Michelle. I agree that it's like having a tribe, & is so important. You inspire me always with your words, the quotes you share, the consistent happy words. Thanks for this, and happy day today!

  10. Such beautiful words, Michelle! I remember feeling this way after the 2014 NCTE convention - I knew I had found my tribe. I'm glad you've found yours. :)

  11. Such a lovely and colorful appreciation post. Just like you are.

  12. I loved the quotes you chose to go along with your message! Thanks for reminding us to celebrate our supporters and encouragers. Thank you for sharing your creativity and positivity.

  13. Isn't that the best feeling - knowing that there is a tribe to which you belong in a steadfast, joyous way?!

  14. Thank you for sharing this joyous post, Michelle. It radiates happiness!


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