Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kindness Warrior

I'm celebrating kindness today. This week a friend called me a "kindness warrior". I love that and I am claiming that title by recognizing and celebrating moments of kindness.

I have so many moments spent with students this week that are filled with kindness!
* Students collaborating and creating class mission statements
* One class spontaneous bursts out singing when they hear anything close to a song lyric.
* Students helping each other out and offering encouraging words
* Laughing with students
* Sharing new book titles with each other and listening to their work as writers.
* One of my favorite moments: I was pointing out that the work we were doing with our class mission statements was revision. And revision is messy and hard, sometimes loud and fun, but always worth it. A student raised her hand and asked, "So, is teaching like revising?!?!" YES! Yes it is!

Other moments of kindness from this week...

* A co-worker listening to me through my tears and helping me see my way through
* Text from mom checking up on me
* Lunch with a friend
* Encouraging words
* Cuddles from Bella
* A night out with friends
* Notebook writing

It's the little things that need to be celebrated and noticed. It's the laughter we have to harness and the joy we have to see. It's out there. As a kindness warrior, I will search it out. Will you join me as a fellow kindness warrior? We need all of the warriors we can get!

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for providing this space to share our celebrations. Please join us and share your own!


  1. Yes it is the little things that we most need to celebrate....'cause they add up to big things!

  2. Yes it is the little things that we most need to celebrate....'cause they add up to big things!

  3. This new label for you could not be more perfect! I have loved watching the evolution of your mission statements. I may not always have time to comment, but I always read! Hope you are doing well!

  4. Those little things help me every day, Michelle. And yes, you are a "kindness warrior"! Whenever I read your posts, I gain a smile and good feelings that last. Thanks for all of this. Love that revision remark about a teacher, very true, isn't it?

  5. I love it, "kindness warrior" who defends and protects kindness. Thanks for linking us to your previous post about writing a class mission statement.

  6. Your week is always full of good things, Michelle - and I think that "kindness warrior" is exactly who you are!

  7. Great keeping up with you by reading such inspiring blog posts! Hope to see you at the Language and Learning conference....Matt H.

  8. Kindness warrior and sunshine queen! Stopping by your blog is always a joy. And hearing about your students - 6th graders are the best. Happy weekend!

  9. I love that phrase - sometimes spreading kindness in the world can feel like an uphill battle, and you have to have the strength and courage of a warrior to fight through all the negativity. Let's all be kindness warriors!

  10. Kindness is kind of the best thing to celebrate!

  11. Your students are so kind because they learn from watching YOU, Kindness Warrior!

  12. What a wise and beautiful mission statement from your students! I always feel like I'm in the revision stage. There's a poem in that.

  13. It's clear from your writing that you model kindness for your students. You've inspired them to show kindness and gratitude.

  14. "Kindness warrior" - great label. Carry this badge with joy.

  15. Michelle, I will be in your tribe of "kindness warriors." Very cool term. Fill your heart with joy with every celebration.


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