Saturday, April 22, 2017

Celebrating Writers!

On this rainy Saturday morning,
I celebrate my student writers
who have found their voices
and share them with the world.

They inspire me.
They make me smile.

They are worth celebrating!

Here is a "rant" written by Jenna. Some of my sixth graders love to write rants about things that are frustrating to them. They LOVE sharing their rants!

Adhithi is new to our classroom and she wrote this beautiful poem about scars. This is one that's stayed with me. Powerful!

Sophie's notebook pages always make me smile! It's like I can see the evidence of her thinking ON the page!

Remember those rants? Laurie is the student who started writing and sharing rants. I asked her to write a "How To" about ranting and this is what she shared with me yesterday. I offer it to you here. She has found her voice and I love how she encourages others to find their own! 

We love watching "Kid President" videos. The genius behind those videos has begun a new adventure called, Montague Workshop.

We watched a video yesterday called "Because You Were" which inspired these words...

Today I celebrate writers!

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for providing this space for sharing our celebrations. Please join us and share your own!


  1. I love the rants and the inspiring video. Thanks for lifting me up today Michelle!

  2. The 'how-to' rant is wonderful, Michelle. You are opening your students to real writing, and they do seem inspired! I love that "because you were" video. It's kind of like a random act of kindness award.

  3. Michelle, so much to celebrate in your student writers. I love the "How to Rant" piece and the slides of "I Am . . . . Because You Were . . . What a fantastic week you had with your writers! Way to go!


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